Certified Speaking Professional (CSP)

What is CSP?
Certified Speaking Professional is a designation established by the National Speakers Association (NSA) that is the speaking industry’s international measure of rofessional platform skill. It is conferred to those individuals who have a proven commitment to the speaking profession through professional speaking experience and satisfied clients.

The National Speaker Association is a renowned organization devoted to the advancement of the standard of excellence of motivational speakers, humorous speakers and professional keynote speakers (link to another page on the site for “professional keynote speakers”). The designation of Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) is awarded only to those professional speakers who have completed an application process and met the criteria of NSA. CSP follows a speaker's name indicating a speaking professional with proven experience who understands what is needed and knows how to deliver client satisfaction. CSP is the global standard that these associations agree represent skill in the speaking profession.

Why CSP?
Certified Speaking Professional makes your job easier. The success of your meeting will be judged on the quality, professionalism and aptness of the topic and professional keynote speaker you select. Choosing a CSP increases your opportunity of providing a speaker with a message, which will focus, elevate and boost the mission of your meeting and stick resolutely in the memories, attitudes and action plans of your attendees.

Benefit of CSP
A Certified Speaking Professional brings an established track record of continuing professional speaking experience and expertise. CSP's are traditionally dedicated to ongoing education, outstanding service and ethical behaviour. CSP's has the ability to offer wide varieties of approaches, topics and extraordinary styles. It is only you who can determine which professional keynote speaker would be best for you and your organization. CSP's are also dedicated to advancing the art and value of experts who speak professionally. The CSP Certification is a pure indication that you are booking a devoted professional speaker who has a history of success with many group and audiences.

Michael Stanleigh is a respected CSP and internationally popular professional keynote speaker, trainer, and consultant.