Michael Stanleigh's Conference Presentations Ignites Innovation and Change

Michael Stanleigh is an experienced international management consultant who consults to some of the most well-known and admired companies in the world. He shares his knowledge and experience as a leading expert on operational effectiveness in his content rich keynote presentations; providing examples of success as well as stories of challenges that will inspire, motivate and teach. He customizes his keynote presentations to reflect the needs of each audience, incorporating meeting and conference themes into the presentations.

As a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) and Certified Management Consultant (CMC), you can be assured that Michael's presentation skills and delivery will not only inspire, but also wow your audience! His distinctly warm and engaging personality shines through on stage and audiences connect with him easily. And his real-world experience as an international business consultant and leading expert/visionary in Innovation and Change ensures credibility.

Michael develops custom business presentations to suit your audience including:

  • Breakthrough Innovation
  • Organizational Change
  • Accelerated Project Management
  • Quality Excellence

Michael's most requested keynote presentations include:


“Michael's presentation enriched our knowledge. This became our most important experience and I think will stay in our memories forever.”

- Lafe Group of Companies, China

“Michael's energy, knowledge level and the way he conducted the presentations was outstanding. More importantly, he challenged participant thinking and motivated them.”

- First Capital Realty Inc., Canada

“Michael's knowledge of quality and risk management is far reaching and improved the ability of delegates to achieve (and exceed) their targets.”

- marcusevans, Malaysia

“Michael's information is succinct, factual and made interesting by contemporary examples that participants can relate to. He has that wonderful ability to engage everyone within moments, leading to a cohesive group experience.”

- Michigan Association of CPAs, USA

“Michael was the opening keynote presenter at our conference. He was engaging with the audience. I particularly was impressed with his ability to link our conference theme as an integral part of his presentation. This is something that few other keynotes have done for us. We received excellent reviews from our audience. I can also say that the entire symposium planning committee was also very happy with his presentation and the professional distinction that it gave to our event. Michael’s enthusiastic delivery and use of humor reinforced the excellent content of the presentation.”

- Project Management Institue, USA

“The Organizing Committee was thrilled with attendance for your address and the feedback we have received from attendees has been overwhelmingly positive. ‘Attention getter!’ ‘Awesome!!’ and ‘Great speaker’ are all comments that were shared repeatedly in the feedback we received. Your ability to connect and engage such a large audience is a credit to the knowledge you have of this subject matter and the superior skills you possess as a presenter.”

- American Society for Quality, USA

“Feedback of Michael’s presentation was excellent. His ability to activate the audience and his presentation skills were highly appreciated by the audience.”

- Excellence Finland, Finland

“Your insight helped everyone to bring clarity to some new opportunities. You brought us some new revelations which has made me excited about the current work, development and opportunities that lie ahead. Your involvement of a large group during a keynote was awesome.”

- Canadian Society for Industrial Engineers, Canada

Building Innovation into Organizational Capabilities
Leaders often struggle with how to create an organizational environment that cultivates the development and deployment of innovations. They may have a clear New Product or Service Development Cycle, but lack a strategy for innovation; one that will help to re-shape their unique culture to foster innovation and then continue to nurture innovation as an on-going process. In this presentation Michael explores the challenges with innovation and how to overcome them. He knows that everyone has the power to innovate; they just need the knowledge and tools to know how. He shares research on how organizations have successfully created cultures of innovation and what you can learn from this information. He explores how organizations can continue to manage and succeed through these challenging economic times by keeping innovation alive. You will learn how to create the strategy, the culture and the process for innovation and leave energized and ready to start the journey of innovation in their own organization.

Leading Innovation in Your Organization
Most of us have read about Innovation, heard about Innovation and maybe even tried to be innovative. But how do we create the organizational culture around which we can generate more innovations? What is the process of innovation which will move us from ideas into reality? And, what are the barriers to being innovative? In this keynote presentation we’ll explore these challenges. You will hear about organizations and individuals that continue to manage and succeed through these challenging economic times and how they are doing it. You will learn how to apply an innovation process to your role, your organization and your quality processes. You’ll leave energized and equipped with the tools, techniques and knowledge necessary to go back and begin the Innovation journey.

Ignite Innovation
We often struggle trying to define what innovation means. This lack of understanding stifles the re-shaping of our culture to be more innovative. Innovation is not the result of a lone genius coming up with a brilliant idea; rather it is a collaborative process where people of various skills and talents and from many different parts of the organization contribute to the creation and implementation of new ideas. In this presentation we’ll explore how to foster the culture required to develop these collaborative efforts for innovation. We’ll discuss how to overcome some of the challenges to innovation and grab the opportunities that a culture of innovation will generate. This insightful presentation will explore how innovation is affected by generational and cultural differences between the people in the organization and how to work with these differences to create a strong culture of innovation. Be prepared to learn the innovation process so that you can immediately ignite innovation in your organization.

Organizational Change that Sticks
Despite all the rhetoric, books, effort and money thrown into change efforts, most organizational change efforts fail. There are so many things that leaders do that affect employee buy-in and negatively impact the management of change. They don’t always do these intentionally; however, the result is generally the opposite of what they’d expected. Leaders receive continuous requests to manage change. Front-line staff are quickly thrown into training workshops in the hope that this will improve their understanding and ability to manage the change. As well, Management may attend sessions to acquaint themselves with the latest thinking in the management of change, yet the resistance to change continues. However, all of this presents an opportunity to do things better. We must ask ourselves some important questions: Do management and staff really understand the change? Are the right strategies in place to manage the change? Do we even know what the problem is that we’re trying to fix?

This keynote address will move you beyond the notion of quick fixes and into the realm of solutions that lead to Change Management Strategies. You will increase your understanding of change means and why change initiatives often fail, as well as, how to: develop change strategies, create a vision for your organization and/or department regarding change and translate that vision into a series of effective change management strategies.

How to Conduct an Effective Project Audit that Increases Organizational Effectiveness
Wasted project spending is costing corporations around the world billions of dollars every year. That's why Business Improvement Architects has been conducting global research in Project Management since 2005 with over 850 organizations around the world. And we've learned a lot about what to do to stop the waste. One area of opportunity for organizations is conducting project audits during and after projects to check their "health status " and to be able to take corrective action early, before problems occur. Another is to learn from previous mistakes.

In this presentation Michael will share his knowledge about how world-class organizations are using Project Auditing to improve their productivity and profitability and how they've increased their ROI and customer satisfaction levels. You will learn the entire process of auditing projects and how an interim Project Health Check can identify potential problems before they become a crisis. You will leave energized and equipped with the tools, techniques and knowledge necessary to go back and start conducting Project Health Checks and Project Audits in your organization.

What Quality Professionals Need to Know to Help Them Sleep Better at Night
There is a very long history of management theories about quality improvement and the myriad of theories, processes and tools available has made it very confusing for leaders. This has actually led to a crisis in quality because theories and tools are being applied without thought as to how they interface with other organizational initiatives. Of all of the quality processes and tools out there, which ones should we be using today? Unfortunately, too many organizations determine their “right” quality process or tool based on what’s the latest fad; whether it’s Six Sigma, Lean, Innovation, Project Management, Cost of Quality, or some other popular trend. They may learn about these theories through: articles, blogs, conference presentations, or other media and try them out because they seem like good ideas. As quality leaders we’re so eager for some magical cure to our challenges that we may rush to embrace these fads too quickly. And when they fail to deliver quick results, we drop them and move to the next one. But is this type of constant change what we really want for our organization? In this presentation Michael will address all of the quality issues facing organizations today. He’ll share his research and case studies about today's quality leadership challenges. You’ll leave with a clear understanding of how to create a Strategic Quality Plan and how to determine the best quality approach for your organization. Michael promises you’ll sleep better after this keynote.

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