Professional Keynote Speaker

The success for a meeting or conference can rest on the strength of the program and quality of presentations. Nothing can spoil your meeting more than hiring the wrong professional keynote speaker. That’s because the right speaker does much more than conveying the overall meeting message. A professional keynote speaker provides insights, awareness, and cutting-edge information in a motivational, entertaining, energetic and professional manner. The right professional keynote speaker can reinforce an important message, inspire your audience or team, help people cope with work assignments, and lead the way towards change.

One of the most challenging elements for creating a successful meeting is choosing the right professional keynote speaker for your event. This is because your choice of a professional keynote speaker can make or break a successful meeting. In today’s competitive marketplace professional keynote speakers must be able to be innovative, informative and entertaining. When they have the designation of Certified Speaking Professional or CSP your job is easier. This is because Certified Speaking Professional is a designation established by the National Speakers Association (NSA) that is the speaking industry’s international measure of professional platform skill.

Michael Stanleigh is a professional keynote speaker and Certified Speaking Professional with all these abilities. Michael’s clear processes and quality approach has earned him international recognition as an award-winning facilitator, professional speaker and international management consultant. He applies his proprietary, Organizational Success System™ to help organizations improve their operations. Michael has been instrumental in helping his global clients to reduce waste and increase efficiencies and profits with his clear processes and quality approach.

Through carefully developed and targeted keynotes and training seminars, Michael empowers his audiences. His combination of charm, humor and professional know-how are always a hit with audiences!

When you need the service of a professional keynote speaker, Michael Stanleigh will surely exceed your expectations.